Praise be to the Almighty Allah, Heideveld Masjid has been serving the community for the past 50 years – and with your continued generous contributions and assistance, we commit to serving for generations to come, Insha’Allah (God willing).

Charitable donations are always welcome – and much needed. Over the years we have upgraded the Masjid’s interior and exterior, and expanded to accommodate the growing number of musallees (congregants).

You may also contribute to the madressa (Islamic school) fund to support a needy learner. The bank account details are:

HMCS Building and Maintenance:
Standard Bank Account number: 073298719

HMCS Madressa:
Standard Bank Account number: 071129855

Pay your Zakat (compulsory charity) or Lillah (optional charity)
Standard Bank Account number: 071331956
Use REF: Zakat for zakat payments